Garden Landscape & Design Hedge Care

All hedging needs trimming at some point in the year. The things you need to know are:
  • Don’t let the hedge get out of control with the height and width  because this can result in the hedge  looking sparse and ugly.
  • The optimum time to trim and top a hedge is when the hedge becomes dormant at the end of the growing season which starts around October time. Unfortunately some times you just can't wait because the hedge is growing so fast.
  • Most hedging can get trimmed all year round but watch out for the frost and extreme sunlight this is when you shouldn’t  trim.
  • Hedging can be a cracking looking feature to your garden  giving the garden depth and a lush  greenery look with added privacy.
  • If you stay in the Dunfermline, Kirkcaldy, Glenrothes or Edinburgh district please call or contact us via email if you require advice or a tree surgeons  assistance.