Garden Landscape & Design Shrub Care


At Steven Ogg Landscape & Design we procure only the very best quality plants for our customers to ensure against premature plant failure. However, should any plant or shrub fail within 1 year of planting we guarantee to replace that item free of charge.

The diversity of garden plants and shrubs is such, that to try and give instructions on every plant type would require a volume of books and is of course out with the scope of this web page. For speciality plants we will of course give instructions on how best to care for a particular type of plant. Generally there are some basics that apply to most plants and following these general instructions should ensure a long healthy life for the plants and enjoyment from the owner.

  • Shrubs come in a various shapes and sizes with colour possible all year round.
  • Most shrubs can get addressed all year round but watch out for the frost this is when you shouldn't work on them. The optimum time to trim is when the shrubs becomes dormant at the end of the growing season which starts around October time. Unfortunately some times you just cant wait because the shrubs have to be addressed promptly.
  • Water on a regular basis in the spring and summer time but check how much water the specimen need and don't water in direct sunlight best time is in early morning or at dawn.
  • Check if the shrubs are growing right. A shrub may be dead or suffering from disease. Check the soil is suitable for that specimen, you may need to upgrade the soil or feed the shrub with a suitable food. Summertime foliage may be overpowering and may just need thinning with shrubs needing re-shaping.

Shrubs Do's and Don'ts


  • Purchase a watering can of a suitable size for which to water your plants.

  • Water the plants regularly during the cool of the evening.

  • From time to time, use a plant feed mixed into the water to help vitalise the soil.

  • In time as rain water washes through the soil, it is beneficial to add compost to the soil.

  • Pruning plants helps to stimulate growth.

  • The use of cane is required if your plants need support

  • Protect your plants from strong winds

  • Protect your plants from heavy snow by removing build up of deep snow fall.

  • Keep control over weeds as they will choke the plant.

  • There are many good books available to help care for your plants.


  • Use a watering can that has had weed killer in it. Use a RED can set aside for this work

  • Over-water.

  • Let water fall directly onto the plant in strong sunlight; this will burn the plant.

  • Allow your plants to be subjected to strong winds, unless they are of a hardy variety.

  • Cut back the plant too far as this may kill the plant.

  • If you stay in the Dunfermline, Kirkcaldy ,Glenrothes or Edinburgh district please call or contact us via email if you require advice or a Tree surgeons  assistance.