Garden Landscape & Design Tree Care

Trees can be an attractive feature to your garden, giving it height and a lush greenery appearance and added privacy. At some point of the year your trees may need attention such as trimming and reshaping, dead wood or broken branches may need removing and thinning summertime foliage which may be blocking out sunlight. Things you should to bear in mind when attending to your trees are:
  • The optimum time to address the tree is when the tree becomes dormant at the end of the growing season which starts around October time. Unfortunately some times you just can't wait because the tree has to be addressed promptly.
  • Most trees can be attended to all year round but watch out for the frost and extreme sunlight; this is when you shouldn't work on them.
  • Never choose a new tree for your garden on looks alone. Like a new puppy that matures into a Great Dane or St Bernard, your lean sapling can eventually mature into a leviathan that may prove too much to handle. Particularly here in the central belt of Scotland where so many houses are built close together; neighbours may not forgive a home owner casting their sunny south facing gardens into utter darkness by planting a poplar or fast growing conifer. Another consideration when choosing a new tree is the root system. Some trees are known to have invasive root systems that can invade, and even break, water and waste pipes or, at worst, cause house subsidence. For this reason, the more invasive the tree's root system, the further away from the house, pipes, etc. it should be. Even when planted sufficiently away from houses, tree roots can still cause damage to driveways, pavements and roads so choose your next tree CAREFULLY.
  • If a tree is of significant height and / or girth and is suspected of being dead or suffering from disease, it would be wise to call on the expertise of a qualified tree surgeon who will be able to provide advice and assistance on the correct action to take.